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Tarkarli - A Seaside Fiesta
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    Tarkarli beach is part of a long stretch of fine white sand beach which extends to Wayari to its north; where Namrata Nivas, and extends upto Devbaug Sangam where the Karli river meets the arabian sea to its south.

    Tarkarli beach has the finest white sand beach in the entire stretch of Konkan beaches. Notwithstanding the proximity to Goa, Tarkarli still is one of the most popular beaches in southern Konkan. With the Karli backwaters on one side and the turqoise blue sea on the other, Tarkarli is the most picturesque destination and Tarkarli is also amongst the most popular beaches in Maharashtra. Apart from the beaches, Sindhudurg fort the famous sea fort of Shivaji maharaj is the major sightseeing option near Namrata Nivas.

    SCUBA in Tarkarli

    SCUBA diving

    SCUBA Diving introduced in Tarkarli a few years back has only increased the popularity of this blessed piece of land. There are two dive sites near Tarkarli one near the Sindhudurg fort and another near the Devbaug.

    Water Sports in Tarkarli

    Water Sports

    Water sports is also organized at Malvan as well as Devbaug. The Tsunami island off the coast from Devbaug is now considered as the primary center of water sports in Tarkarli where all water rides and parasailing in the sea is available.

    Dolphin Watch Rides in Tarkarli

    Dolphin Watch Rides

    Dolphin watch sea rides are very popular in Tarkarli and at times you can spot one right from the shores of Tarkarli! There are some exotic islands like the light house island near Tarkarli and boat rides to these islands are very popular.

    Sindhudurg fort

    Sindhudurg fort

    A Fort after which the district was named Sindhudurg fort is the most prominent landmark of this region. Built between 1664-67 AD by Shivaji maharaj, the Sindhudurg fort has a four kms long rampart with 42 bastions.